Life as a Star Citizen.

it is very rare to feel like this about a game. The first time I did was with Half Life, the second one with Half Life 2 and sometime in between with the first iteration of Max Payne. Of course I take pleasure from gaming a lot of different types of games, since I started […]

Microsoft Fonts on Ubuntu

There is an official package in Ubuntu software repository that you can just install by typing on the terminal: Sudo gives you “admin” privilege; apt install asks the system to perform the install command to be run using apt software; ttf-mscorefonts-installer is the “package” with the installer. Lacking fonts These fonts do not include Calibri […]

Going Open Source

Let’s face it… Even still being a very nice computer… my 2011 Imac is getting a little long in the tooth. No more upgrades from Apple, and a lot of the new software I want to try out is no longer available to install. I seems everything is moving to ARM architecture and X86 is […]

Daisy is ready!!!

2022, 7 years after buying my motorcycle, I believe I completed the project. I touched every system except the engine line. Everything else has been touch by my untrained hands, helping me to decompress from weeks and weeks of stressful digital work. All started with replacing carb covers, ended in this fairing from Modern Classic […]

Daisy 2.5 is ready

After a lot of trials and tribulations, the project is over. Done. Finito. Complete. Almost. Since last time I typed here, the fairing arrived, I assembled it, and disassembled it 5 times, solved some issues, added others, but I am truly happy with the end result. It is a head turner, a looker, a instaHit […]

It has been ordered

I love half fairings. I will never have the money to have a Thruxton R with half fairing of my own, and I have a beautifull motorcycle already. I am going to make it even better, by adding it a fairing. I went to Modern Classic Motorcycle parts that orders from Khorat in Thailand, just […]

Two minute ride

I have just posted a new video about my preferred ride here in Lisbon. It’s not long, it’s not fast but it is somewhat twisty, in a countryside, just by the Lisbon outskirts. Now, I have been trying out the new Insta360 Go2 camera, that is powering thess new videos I am making, but I […]

Daisy has been ilegal for too long

I have a confession to make. In PT it is mandatory to have the back reflector perpendicular to the road. If you don’t have it, you risk a 250€ fine. Well…for the past 2 years… Daisy didn’t have one. What bothered me was that I had it. But time constraints, will to do it, or […]