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Gostei muito muito muito até aos últimos minutos… aquela cena não fácil de engulir, mas como muita gente diz, se virem de novo, e se encaixarem a ideia… é um final brilhante e possível…tão possível quanto haver fumo preto claro, tão possível quanto uma obra de ficção científica é ficção.

Aqui uma explicação linda e maravilhosa de tudo o que se passou no final: tirada dos coments daqui

Jack died on the island after fixing the “cork” or whatever, after doing whatever it was he was supposed to do. Vincent kept him company as he died. Sawyer, Lapidus, Miles, Richard, Kate, and Claire all made it back to the world and died whenever they died. Hurley went on to be the guardian of the island and Ben helped him and the died whenever they died.

So, their “common experience” on the island gave them a way to create the sideways world — not a purgatory, but a waiting area. None of them were ready to move on without one another. And, as we saw, not all of them were ready to move on — Daniel, Ana-Lucia, etc. And it also makes sense that Eloise Hawking wanted to be in the waiting room and wanted Daniel there with her. Her “knowing” didn’t make her want to leave, she had a life she wanted to experience with her son. And that’s why she didn’t want Desmond to take him.

Time didn’t matter in the waiting area. That’s why the time was always off on that side — by my count, Sun would have ended up in the hospital about 3 days after the plan landed. But, in 3 days, Locke was able to get fired, get another job as a sub, get hit by a car, get operated on, recover, get back to school, and then get ANOTHER operation? It doesn’t work.

They came together at the point that mattered most to them: Jack, when he was with Kate, Sawyer with Juliet, etc. That’s who they decided to be in the reality they jointly created.

When were they at their best? Hurley when he was with Libby, he got to experience love. Sayid’s relationship with Shannon was the time when he was just a man in love, not a former torturer who was only ever going to be violent.

And Ben when he was OCCASIONALLY a good father to Alex, at least when he was truly trying to love her. Make sense Ben wasn’t ready — he had some work to do, dealing with Alex issues, and I think he still had some other atoning to do. But he obviously spent time working with Hurley, so he lived after the island, and Hurley seems to expect to see him one day. Michael wasn’t ready because he still had to atone for murdering Libby and Ana-Lucia. Walt wasn’t there because a) he’s too tall and, b) you can argue that no one else in that group had enough of a tie to him to bring him.

I am still wrapping my head around it, and I am still not 100% comfortable with them all being dead (even though, as Christian said, everyone dies at some point). It honestly makes me sad.

They lived together and yet many of them died (or we can assume they died) alone. But they got to love each other forever anyway. I guess that’s a happy-ever-after.

I am going to miss the hell out of this show

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Adeus Lost… I will miss you…

Sem dúvida uma série que tem que ser partilhada, discutida por pessoas que sejam tão viciados como nós…para ser relamente percebida.

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  1. Ainda estou a digerir o episódio…

    mas tenho que admitir que sinto um vazio aqui dentro. 6 anos desta série é muito tempo.

    Essa explicação faz todo o sentido, mas acima de tudo tiveram a brilhante ideia de fazer um episódio final muito centrado nas relações que se estabeleceram, secundarizando um pouco a Ilha. Acho que foi um fecho muito bom, deixando – obviamente – pontas soltas, e um espaço bem grande para várias teorias.


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