Well not exactly new… and not mine any ways.


It will belong to my daughter. It’s an original intel macbook.

To protect it from the usual abuse from a 6 year old girlie, I was looking for something that did look good, and also could protect the cover in some way, as she uses this as a puter, and as a tray for some of her child plays..

I found gelaskins.com, and more sooner than later was comandeering their brilliant site to produce a gelaskin of my own, integrated with my desktop wallpapper, a cool snow leopard design from www.vladstudio.com.

Not that I didn’t like gelaskin’s designs, they are great, but somewhat not 6 year oldish girlie was looking for.

Now this came with a new problem:

you see…now that I have this “new portable”… I had to explain my girlie, she will have to wait some more time.

Have fun!

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