Time is relative… Therefore I love social apps?

Well… it’s me again, this time rambling about time.

Time is a relative thing. Somebody once told me “When I am at work time seems to slow down to a crawl”.
Well… for me, When you are doing something you like, time dashes by you at a speed you can’t control…just to slow down to a crawl again when you are waiting for something to happen.

That is my day-to-day, and it is getting on my nerves.

I am getting tired of waiting for things to happen. Either is a new project to start, either is a new part to install on daisy, or a new version on a much loved software app to test drive… it sucks to wait.

Don’t know if it is because of my age moving on, or just because we live surrounded by ever faster technology, the truth is I am getting ever more desperate at these waiting times.

And then, just then, you open facebook, instagram or any other social network and it kickstarts the double time accounting process. when you look into the watch, and two hours just passed you by.

Well this should mean I love what I am doing when I browse the social apps. But I don’t. Facebook is a list of trivialities, instagram is just photos and movies of things I will never have and places I will never visit and this gets me frustrated, and twitter… it is just too confusing for me. :)

So time is relative…

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