Well… last part has been ordered… just wait a little longer…

For those who have been coming around to this place from external links…welcome.

This “transformation” has been creeping along on the last few year and a half because of the birth of my little one, and because the next step will be the biggest transformation of them all in Daisy’s life.

Let me just leave the list of naughty stuff here with no apparent order:

1- Removing the KCA
2- Re allocating the key
3- Removing the clocks (the LCD is almost burned out)
4- Installing the new headlamp + motogadget tiny assembly (finnaly)
5- Marzochi clip-ons and shorter cables and turn limiter to protect the tank
6- Top triple clamp cut and chroming (got me an original one)
7- Peyton Place Rear sets, that keep the Kicker on!
8- plastidipping the rear end
9- Wilber progressive front shocks
10- YSS back shocks
11- Superbrace
12- New bar end mirrors from halcyon (this one… I still ain’t sure)

I will be keeping all the original parts with me, so if I don’t get along with the CRacer spirit, I will be able to revert to the original position.
Some of the parts like the rear sets and top triple clamp took me almost a year to find at a reasonable price.

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