Daisy enters the (digital) Room

As I was saying, Pedro Oliveira took from Ton Up Garage took to him to find me a British W650. Having some contacts in that country, where W650 were more abundant, he got back to me two days later of a Ebay deal gone wrong. 24/02/2012…

“We have the bike for you.”

It is a 2 owner, from 2001, that has just been object of some TLC. New Kawasaki exhausts, new Avon Road Rider tyres, new battery and the swingarm was repainted black… It was a bike owned by the wife, that was expecting a baby, so no real usage.

These pictures came with the e-mail.

I was so psyched my only question was: Why are the exhausts blue? duh… protective tape. thank god Pedro did not answer that… I just hope he didn’t see the question.

On 28/02 the motorcycle was already on the Ton Up Garage site. Pedro said: looks as new!

Ton Up garage Digital showroom material
Gorgeous, simply gorgeous!

It looked even better. Now for legalisation… and transport from Oporto to Lisbon.

Now I get the butterflies… what if I can’t hold her? what if it is too heavy for me?