Now that was true, and nothing would take her from me, it was time to think what to do to her.

During those days, I read everything there was on the internet about the W, its history, and modifications that were available.

Caferacerdreams cr34 Deus Midnight Rambler, or Different Twins , WrenchMonkees Mistress (a commissioned motorcycle for Portugal), Return of the Cafe Racers W650, the spectacular Jaggedbobber from Brauchis (RIP), the Portuguese w650 form Maria Motorcycles Hurricane-Jane … this motorcycle from Kawasaki was having raving reviews and was the basis for spectacular builds. ROTCR has a great w650 gallery here

So I started to think what I would do with Daisy. I always loved the Cafe Racer look, and that was something I would not give away for free… IT would have to look and drive as a Cafe Racer should. clip-ons, rearsets, the works.

So in my head it was clear…

starting with the orignal, (learned how to do vectorial desinging, for easiness of editing, becaus photoshop is so 1999), I started cleaning up stuff.

Clip-ons, bar ends, and exhaust tape were the then basics.

After all that reading I already had all on my head, I opted for a design that was reminiscent of the W2, with red, white and back on the fuel tank, and a “unique” tank badge. Everything would be blackened down, except the engine. That would be my “tongue in cheek” to kawasaki that had the W800 special edition, all black, with engine and exhausts black… WHY??? THAT ENGINE is the shit. Why hide it behind layers of black paint????

I reached this final design on 21/01/2014, as it was an iterative design.