Time and availability

W650 under the VAsco da Gama bridge in Lisbon

Well… more than a year has passed since I started my project. All the preparation in the world, didn’t prepare me for COVID and all that it brought: Less time in the street, working from home, and much more difficulty in getting time for myself.

It should be the opposite. Working from home should have freed me more time to spend on the motorcycle build.

IT did freed me more time, but not in the way I needed. Half na hour a day for 10 days is not the same as a full afternoon.

It allowed me to start playing Padel, that probably will appear more and more over here… It allowed me to get back reading, even if not at the speed I used to, and to get back to music… to discover new musics, and now musicians.

It gave me time to spend with family, in exchange for lunch time that I seldom remember to have, due to a spectacular job (Ich arbeite bei Mercedes-benz.io) where I have to decide on the future of one of my lovebrand’s presence in the WWW… SO engaging that yes… too often i skip lunch.

but no time for Daisy. I am trying to change this, and I have now booked two full days to work on it. I know already they will not be enough, but I expect to give it a big push forward.

Let’s see.