With the extra cold weather in Lisbon, and the low time availability to deeply try Daisy 2.0 out, it assume this is kind of slow.

I have already run it to the limit. it is fast… the Ton-up is now a breeze, as the body position is much more aerodinamic. But this has some costs…

Right side, best side…bevel drive in all it’s glory

Motorcycle is much lower because of rear suspension, and front progressive springs, and now it seems that the motorcycle is not that stable on the sidestand… the center stand is history, as it would colide with the rearsets. This is more visible when using the kickstarter… it seems the bike is going to fall off to the right side.

There are other issues that are visible still. I am still missing the front mudguard, the headlight is too high it needs to be lowered some 2 or 3 cm or five, I am still missing a rear red reflector in the plate and the motogadget tiny is a little misaligned.

The left side of Daisy… all engine parts are original still.

Now that we go back into confinement, I am sure I will gather some minutes to finish this up.

Advantages of the new setup… The Motogadget comes out of the box with a clock, and a voltimeter… two much needed informations. Lost the rev counter… but being a low displacement motorcycle… there is no need for one… you just feel/hear everything that goes on that clockwork engine.