HI Mum! I’m in the tv…sorta.

W650 Daisy right side.

Ok.. video bit me. I will concede. Replaced my social time from twitter, facebook and instagram, but fell on the “youtube rabit hole”.

There is so much content about motorcycles and cities I would love to visit, caferacers, new motorcycles, or pretty “simple” lives being lived in. wonderfull places I will probably never visit… like Tokyo…

It got me wondering… what is necessary to create a youtube channel?

So my pet project, after completing Daisy V2.0 (well, completing might be a overstatement), has been figuuring out a way. to create content for a youtube channel.

From my experience, started with motorcycle reviewers, but after so much recycling of contents, I ended up in a specific format I like.

Yu.SR500 or Filippo Rider are now my daily go to channels. Both are from Tokyo, but Yu is a nice (and beautiful) lady that loves old school motorcycles and cars, and Filippo is a boss who drives around Tokyo and outskirts, just to present us POV of a remarkable collection of bikes. Don’t know what he does for a living, but I would love to have all those rides at hand to try out.

They both follow the same minimal approach for each movie. A motorcycle (or more in case of Filippo), a town, and a place to stop. And then food. If food works on Instagram, why shouldn’t it work on youtube?

From place to place, they go around showing up nice things to see in a town that never stops, in a motorcycle. I think I just found my way to go around getting busy.

Now I need the materials, time to plan some visits, and the end of another lockdown.

For now, I have just created an introductory movie, using this blogs branding guidelines for consistency. It was recorded with my XiaoMi A2 in one of the test rides I have been doing with Daisy 2.0. She is not ready, but she is getting there.

Already have a list of things to change by myself… I just need to get her to Unik ed. again.

From this video, it is really visible how old the motorcycle is, and a bit where she came from. She is asking for a full stripdown, painting and reconstruction… But I don’t have the money for that. :/

Maybe filming me, riding around in Lisbon, and showing local places might get me the money to do it… but I will not bet the future of Daisy on it.