Watches, watches, watches!

I am not a watch guy.

I always liked watches, but was never the crazy type of buyer. A 100€ swatch watch was one of my preferred watches of all time.

I usually like simple ones, with not so many dials or functionalities, and crazy ass expensive watches are not my thing. It tells me the time.

And even for the last 5 or 7 years… I didn’t even wear one. I simply relied on my computer, or mobile phone to give me the news that an additional minute of my life had passed.

But I recently changed.

I wanted not a simple watch, but being a tech guy, I fancied a smartwatch. This collided with my old school taste, so I was kind of stuck between a rock and a hard place. either buy a ridiculous full digital, or a simplistic sports band.

That was when I found Withings.

They have the scanwatch that combines an old school look and feel watch with all the smart functions I needed: a timer, a sleep analysis, a gps tracker and a 30 days+ battery, among other things.

WIthings scanwatch in white or black… I bought the black one.

Happy as heck! great buy for 300€. Went for the dark background and 42 size. been tracking my sleep, my sports and it even has a analog step counter that tells me, if I am close to my daily step objective or not.

Now if my stocks go up just enough to buy me a Breitling Deus

My new dream… that costs as much as a small motorcycle.


I wish…

OH… please go up Cormedix $CRMD