Daisy has been ilegal for too long

I have a confession to make. In PT it is mandatory to have the back reflector perpendicular to the road. If you don’t have it, you risk a 250€ fine. Well…for the past 2 years… Daisy didn’t have one.

What bothered me was that I had it. But time constraints, will to do it, or even a simple idea on how to do it was missing.

It0s just that since I got back my Daisy last year I have been procrastinating.

I got to do it this weekend.
I went back to my parents garage and, using some leftovers from the seat pan, I built this thing to be 3M taped to the license plate.

Some metal sheet, a reflector and black paint. That’s it.

In reality it took me less than 30 minutes to cut the piece, and to lime the edges really smooth… a spray paint job of 15 seconds as it is going to be hidden and voilá.

Parts assembled

Finally it was a matter of positioning it in the bike, between the license plate and the mudguard, with double sided “3m” padded tape to minimize the effects of trepidation.

Here is the final result

Reflector back in the back

Now, Let’s just see how long it will take me to put the front mudguard back.