Av-8 Spitfire type 300 automatic Oxford blue

I am not a watch guy. For me, usually paying more than 100€ for a Swatch is already a waste of money. But… even so… this year I am already on my second one, both over 300€.

The first one was a withings Scanwatch that is pretty and has the added value of being smart. well not really a “smartwatch” like a apple watch, or Huawei full face smart watch, but it has a regular dial, and a small screen that shows the relevant information. The interaction is done through the crown.

Withings scanwatch comes in black (mine) or in white. in 42 or 32 size.

Simple, but with all the sensors a man can ask for, including the first medical grade ECG approved Sensor… All in a beautiful black watch, unpretentious… and with 45 days of battery (constantly using it)… yup… it is not a typo.

Well technically I just paid less than 50€ for it, as some giftcards were lying around… and were used to buy this.

Purchase #2 came in a facebook post.

AVI-8 was advertising the comeback of the Spitfire Type 300 automatic in a color that had already been discontinued, but was coming back for a small (500) set.

I fell instantly in love with the display, the big numbers and the blue over silver combination. It was, at least in the picture format, perfect.

Checked some youtube reviews, that mentioned that at 300 pounds it was a bit on the expensive side, but then I found out that With the code “AV20” there was an instant discount of 20%.

So I jumped the gun and bought me one automatic watch… something I have been wanting to do for a long time, at swatch and never saw a model that I really liked.

Loved also the blue and leather combination

What really tipped me over was, in the automatic watch realm, there is always a mechanical part that moves around with your arm/wrist movement, and that kinetic force is transferred to a spring, so you should not need to wind the spring for the watch to work…

In this case that moving part was modelled like a Sptifire that turns around in the back of the watch.

This moving part shaped like a spitfire is a nice touch! (this is another version of the same watch)

There are some more design touches that make this watch different. If you look to the crown directly, you see that two wings come out of it, just like if it was a spitfire coming right at you (the crown being the propellor)

I love the Spitfire. For me it is the best looking air plane of all times.

I didn’t pay the full price for it.

So this makes perfect sense.