I have just posted a new video about my preferred ride here in Lisbon. It’s not long, it’s not fast but it is somewhat twisty, in a countryside, just by the Lisbon outskirts.

Now, I have been trying out the new Insta360 Go2 camera, that is powering thess new videos I am making, but I haven’t quite nailed the quality settings. so the even recorded at 1080p with 60 fps, it gets so bogged down by compression that artefacts are clearly visible.

Back to the topic, this ride is something I have incorporated in all the relax rides I make. Every time I have the time, i go there and go down this hill and back up again. Every time I am bored or sad, I jump onto my Daisy and just ride these 2 Km of uphill/downhill piece of road.

Do you have a basic two minute ride that makes you feel nice, and you can leave home and just go?