handsome guy seated on a kawasaki W650

2022, 7 years after buying my motorcycle, I believe I completed the project.

I touched every system except the engine line. Everything else has been touch by my untrained hands, helping me to decompress from weeks and weeks of stressful digital work.

Daisy's half fairing in Detail, right side view
Daisy’s half fairing in Detail, right side view

All started with replacing carb covers, ended in this fairing from Modern Classic Bike Parts passing by doing a new seat and replacing the clocks with the motogadget tiny.

Finally, reaching the end just in time for the Gentlemans Ride 2022, was the cherry on top of the cake, and due to the fairing… I can say that Daisy is a Attention whore. :D just like I wanted her.

Me and Daisy at DGR2022

Hope to be here with her for the next 20 years. :)