Life as a Star Citizen.

it is very rare to feel like this about a game. The first time I did was with Half Life, the second one with Half Life 2 and sometime in between with the first iteration of Max Payne. Of course I take pleasure from gaming a lot of different types of games, since I started […]

Microsoft Fonts on Ubuntu

There is an official package in Ubuntu software repository that you can just install by typing on the terminal: Sudo gives you “admin” privilege; apt install asks the system to perform the install command to be run using apt software; ttf-mscorefonts-installer is the “package” with the installer. Lacking fonts These fonts do not include Calibri […]

Going Open Source

Let’s face it… Even still being a very nice computer… my 2011 Imac is getting a little long in the tooth. No more upgrades from Apple, and a lot of the new software I want to try out is no longer available to install. I seems everything is moving to ARM architecture and X86 is […]