Time and availability

Well… more than a year has passed since I started my project. All the preparation in the world, didn’t prepare me for COVID and all that it brought: Less time in the street, working from home, and much more difficulty in getting time for myself. It should be the opposite. Working from home should have […]

Not all days are happy

Today was the ceremonial day for Luis Pinto. Luis was a very good friend and colleague at work. He was a kind guy, down to earth and his friendliness. was only beaten by his will to help however he could. On an internal post to the team I said that I now understand why the […]

Project Organization

So many things to do, so little time! how can I organize all this? I am a Product Owner by day, working at Mercedes-Benz.io, so I should have got this covered from the start. I did. I created a Trello board, and been updating it since the ideas started to flow. A Trello Board is […]

Elevate me

After three months of covid based waiting, I finally had two hours to dedicate to my daisy. As some of the missing parts will be received tomorrow (I hope), I needed to prepare the working place. It was time to raise the motorcycle using my new elevator. But even this wasn’t simple. The lowest part […]

plans, project

Now that was true, and nothing would take her from me, it was time to think what to do to her. During those days, I read everything there was on the internet about the W, its history, and modifications that were available. Caferacerdreams cr34 Deus Midnight Rambler, or Different Twins , WrenchMonkees Mistress (a commissioned […]

Daisy enters the (digital) Room

As I was saying, Pedro Oliveira took from Ton Up Garage took to him to find me a British W650. Having some contacts in that country, where W650 were more abundant, he got back to me two days later of a Ebay deal gone wrong. 24/02/2012… “We have the bike for you.” It is a […]

Where it all started

I never liked motorcycles. Not 100% correct, as I do remember liking a yellow yamaha 900 Diversion, specially the naked version. But that was it. never gave any motorcycle a second look. I also never had (close) contact with motorcycles, except that time a friend of mine took me to a 1 km ride on […]