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Elevate me

After three months of covid based waiting, I finally had two hours to dedicate to my daisy. As some of the missing parts will be…

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Twist of events

In an unprecedented twist of events, I did the unthinkable. Had my new top triple clamp sent to USA to cognitomoto to create two custom…

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Well… last part has been ordered… just wait a little longer…

For those who have been coming around to this place from external links…welcome.

This “transformation” has been creeping along on the last few year and a half because of the birth of my little one, and because the next step will be the biggest transformation of them all in Daisy’s life.

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Time is relative… Therefore I love social apps?

Well… it’s me again, this time rambling about time.

Time is a relative thing. Somebody once told me “When I am at work time seems to slow down to a crawl”.
Well… for me, When you are doing something you like, time dashes by you at a speed you can’t control…just to slow down to a crawl again when you are waiting for something to happen.

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