Project Organization

So many things to do, so little time! how can I organize all this? I am a Product Owner by day, working at, so I should have got this covered from the start. I did. I created a Trello board, and been updating it since the ideas started to flow. A Trello Board is […]

Elevate me

After three months of covid based waiting, I finally had two hours to dedicate to my daisy. As some of the missing parts will be received tomorrow (I hope), I needed to prepare the working place. It was time to raise the motorcycle using my new elevator. But even this wasn’t simple. The lowest part […]

plans, project

Now that was true, and nothing would take her from me, it was time to think what to do to her. During those days, I read everything there was on the internet about the W, its history, and modifications that were available. Caferacerdreams cr34 Deus Midnight Rambler, or Different Twins , WrenchMonkees Mistress (a commissioned […]

Daisy enters the (digital) Room

As I was saying, Pedro Oliveira took from Ton Up Garage took to him to find me a British W650. Having some contacts in that country, where W650 were more abundant, he got back to me two days later of a Ebay deal gone wrong. 24/02/2012… “We have the bike for you.” It is a […]

Where it all started

I never liked motorcycles. Not 100% correct, as I do remember liking a yellow yamaha 900 Diversion, specially the naked version. But that was it. never gave any motorcycle a second look. I also never had (close) contact with motorcycles, except that time a friend of mine took me to a 1 km ride on […]

Twist of events

In an unprecedented twist of events, I did the unthinkable. Had my new top triple clamp sent to USA to cognitomoto to create two custom parts for me… one will be sold hereafter, as will the backup triple clamp. Yeay! let’s see how this all comes out!